Are Air Filters Worth Upgrading?

When it comes to improving engine performance, one of the most basic and easy modifications is to upgrade your air filter. Aftermarket air filters can increase your horsepower by 3-5 HP and torque, as well as improve fuel efficiency. But don't expect a huge difference in acceleration when you hit the gas. The reason why high-flow air filters are so effective is because they have more folds or pleats, which increases their surface area and allows them to capture more dust, dirt, and allergens.

This helps keep your engine clean and running smoothly. Another benefit of upgrading your air filter is improved fuel economy. High-performance air filters draw air from outside the engine compartment, where the air is colder. This helps reduce the amount of heat exchangers and cooling coils that need to be cleaned, which can save you money in the long run.

When it comes to air filtration in your home, high Minimum Efficiency Report Value (MERV) rated HVAC filters are the most efficient option. Electronic air filters, or air purifiers, are also great for eliminating allergens such as pollen, dust, smoke, and pet dander. It's important to note that high-performance air filters are considered a modification and can void your warranty if you have a new vehicle that is still within the warranty period. If you're looking for an air filtration system for your home, feel free to call for more information or to make an appointment.

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